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Le Creuset 26cm Square Grillit Flint

Buy Le Creuset 26cm Square Grillit Flint

Add to your existing Le Creuset flint collection with the wonderful square grillit; perfect for frying or searing meat, poultry or vegetables. The grillit is incredibly versatile as it is suitable for all hobs, the oven, under the grill and on a barbecue. It is also remarkably durable as it has been coated with Le Creuset's special high quality enamel making it long lasting and hard-wearing. With this grilit you don't have to worry about seasoning your grill every time thanks to Le Creuset's interior satin black enamel finish preventing your food from sticking to your pan.


Key Features:

  • Le Creuset signature cast iron
  • Versatile and durable
  • Extra stability
  • No seasoning required
  • Satin black interior enamel finish
  • Chip and crack resistant
  • Lifetime guarantee


Manufacturer's Code:

  • 2018326444