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Le Creuset Round Casserole 24cm Rosemary

Buy Le Creuset Round Casserole 24cm Rosemary

The round casserole dish from Le Creuset is top quality cookware at its finest and is everything a round casserole dish should be. It is chic, effective and versatile. It has a 4.2L capacity and serves up to five people which is ideal for a medium sized family. It also makes a great serving dish as it keeps your food warmer for longer so there is no worries about your food going cold if the kids haven't come in from playing yet.


Key Features:

  • Chic, effective and versatile.
  • Top quality cookware.
  • 4.2L capacity
  • Smooth cooking surface
  • Larger handles for easier handling
  • Toughened enamel interior
  • Lifetime guarantee


Manufacturer's Code:

  • 2117724640